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When I Heard...

I have been trying to decide how to approach this-from a fan point of view, a tribute, a summary, etc. I think for the sake of keeping my emotions relatively stable, I should describe what happened when I first heard the heartbreaking news. This is the thing that should not be.

I received a text from a friend saying that he read something about Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashing. My immediate reaction was one shared with millions of people saying, “No way, somebody made that up, it’s fake.” Of course I wanted to find out what was happening, fake or otherwise, so I looked for any news of the event I could find, and there was plenty. All over the major news and local networks were preliminary reports of a crash, but nothing definitive about the passengers or cause of the crash. So, I go about with thinking that someone was mistaken, a rumor got started and spread.

I actually stopped reading reports and went about my day, for about thirty minutes, then I was receiving notifications galore-LA Times, NY Times, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It turns out that indeed Kobe was scheduled to be on that flight, and he was aboard when the helicopter crashed. Reading that news brought the immediate feeling of disbelief amalgamated with sorrow. Further reports were coming in that not only was Kobe on that flight, but so was his thirteen year old daughter Gianna. That news took my breath away, saying to myself over and over, “No, no, no...” Then came the final report of the day, all onboard that helicopter had not survived. The country didn’t lose just a sports figure, but a national treasure, and his child who was just beginning her life to follow in her Father’s footsteps.

When you sit and think about it, it’s still hard to believe that this happened. I’m either handling it well or I’m still in a little bit of shock. I think a lot of people can agree that the shock of this tragedy is not likely to be shaken off any time soon. I wish I knew of a way to end this post, but...

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