• Casey Roberts

Tradition vs Trump

We fought a revolution against tyranny in the 1700s, and it looks like we'll have to fight another one. Either the United States, as the people have come to know it, will win this battle, or Trump’s country of subordinates with its secret police will win. Hopefully, there are enough of us to resist, but I fear it may all come down to violence, as these kinds of things often do. We are going to have a war between Traditionalists and Trumpers. Who will the military and higher powers within the Legislative and Judicial branches of government decide to support? Our military, if on the side of the people, the Traditionalists, will win the day. But, if they decide to be on the side of the Trumpers, there is no hope for the Traditionalists.

“We the People” are doomed if all of us don’t see what is happening before it’s too late. The progress against us is slow and in small increments, making it somewhat difficult to detect. For those who are able to see and willing to look, we know how bad this is going to get. Violence will eventually ensue-not street violence, but large scale war, the new Civil War. We will either see the defense and victory of the United States we have been living in for over two hundred years, or we will see the beginning of a fascist-like dictatorship where only the subservient will survive.