• Casey Roberts

The Sociobiological Nature of Trends

A trend is an example of social evolution, and trends have increased in frequency and in number. Communication has become so much faster, and there are so many ways to communicate, trends will come and go like rain. Trends generally last a week, maybe two, before something else becomes popular. Social media has caused this roundabout of trending topics, anyone can post anything at any time (within guidelines).

Remember the gif that was so funny six months ago that it had millions of views? Probably not, because you are thinking, "There are so many, how could I possibly remember?" That is the point. People have been saturated with so many temporary obsessions, they cannot concentrate on one thing for very long, they're always looking for something new. Does this sound like you?

We talk about actors and people in entertainment as having fifteen seconds of fame, but in the world of trends, it's more like five seconds of fame. We have come to expect instant gratification-we want our apps to download in a matter of seconds, we want super fast WiFi, we want websites to load instantly, and our phones better not take all night to charge. The paradox is, were we programmed to crave instant results (social media, faster tech, etc), or have we always had this need, and now possess the tools to indulge in it?