• Casey Roberts

The MacBook and the iPad Debate: The Final Conclusion

The iPad Pro is so good now that it can replace the MacBook Air in most cases. It has yet to reach the level of the MacBook Pro, but it seems only a matter of time. After iPadOS and the introduction of the M1 chip, the iPad Pro now clearly has the power to exist as a solo computing machine. The iPad Pro can replace the MacBook Air, but should it?

The catch here is that you have to buy add ons to the iPad Pro in order to make it function as a full-fledged computer. Adding the Magic Keyboard to the iPad Pro will finish the transition from tablet to laptop. The 12.9” iPad Pro with 256 Gb (comparable in size and base storage of the MacBook Air) and the Magic Keyboard cost $549 more than the MacBook Air, before taxes.

What we have here is a decision to make. Is the portability, touch screen, and unique features of the iPad Pro worth $549? If you say yes, then you’re someone who could use the iPad Pro as your main computing device. If no, then you’re probably better off as a MacBook Air person. And let’s not forget, as good as iPad keyboards have become, they still aren’t as good as a MacBook keyboard.

The iPad Pro can replace the MacBook Air as a computing device, but should it?