• Casey Roberts

The Goal

I don’t think the marketing side of social media is for me. Social media is just a tool I use for my ultimate goal, not something that I would focus on exclusively. The social media process for me is attempting to gain exposure. I learned a long time ago that credentials are the most important thing when it comes to catching the attention of a publisher. You would think that the quality of the writing would be the most important, but sadly, it is not. So many largely unknown people write great books, while very famous people write absolute garbage. Most celebrities have ghost writers anyway, it’s marketing for them.

My main goal, like many writers of my ilk, is to be on the New York Times bestseller list. This list is reserved for those books that have, or are projected to sell a million copies. Once an author has reached that pinnacle, publishers will then begin to give you offers to write another manuscript. Gone will be the days of hunting down agents and publishers, they will compete for my business, instead of the other way around. So how can I make that goal a reality?

I am taking classes at U of L to yes, get the degree, but it will be used for the purposes of added credentials. The stepping stones that I need to walk are all related to building a resume and portfolio. To really set things in motion, I need to get the attention of the big players in the publishing and media industries. Without a degree, which is a huge part of the resume, the chances of being “picked up” are very slim.

I understand what I need to do and have found a way to do it. The only issues in my way are proper execution and just plain bad luck. If I can make it past those two things, I will have the best chance yet to accomplish my goal.