• Casey Roberts

Technology Rules the World, Roll With It

I used to resist technology as much as possible. I wanted to read print books, I looked at tablet reading as devoid of experience. I still think nothing can replace the satisfaction of holding a book in the hand. But, tablet and digital reading saves trees, which is always a good thing. It also enables one to have a vast library in a small amount of space. It saves money on bookshelves, which also helps trees. Why I’m loving trees so much right now, I can’t explain, but we certainly need them. Having 100 books on a tablet is consolidation at its finest.

I didn’t want smartphones to take over our lives either. I was mostly concerned about the social and cognitive side effects. Both of which are legitimate, and after 10 plus years, we are seeing evidence of these issues. Attention spans are lowered due to the need for instant gratification, we want our phones to be fast, to download faster, to move faster, etc. Our willingness to wait has dwindled.

Our social interactions have changed. Often we see people sitting with each other, not saying a word while they look at their phones. This is a now very common occurrence, but it is the future. Technology is moving fast, and we need to keep up in order to thrive.

I embraced technology when I first discovered that my phone and laptop would synch, and the information on one is on the other. I came upon this technology while I was a freelance writer for a newspaper. Needing to be on the move, I wasn’t often in a situation where I could use my laptop or even have it with me. Being able to use my phone as a camera, note taking, emailing, and recording device which would be waiting on my laptop for me was a dream come true.

I have long appreciated the ability of laptops. I had two laptops before my current one, and they were both Windows equipped 10 pound behemoths. Both had plastic casing, were thick, clunky, and didn’t feel portable. Then I came upon the MacBook Air, and everything changed. I found this all metal laptop, with a big trackpad, sharp screen, 4 pounds lighter, quiet, kept cool, and was super portable-I was hooked. Carrying around those big laptops was like carrying an unabridged Webster’s dictionary. Carrying around the MacBook Air is like carrying a magazine.

Keep up with technology, use it to your advantage, it won’t wait for you, neither will the people who kept up.