• Casey Roberts

Spelling and Grammar are Always Critical

As far as I’m concerned, spelling and grammar are important no matter what format. I even proofread my text messages so that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes. My opinion is that the fewer spelling and grammar mistakes a person makes the more intelligent they are. This is not to say that my grammar is perfect, my spelling is 99% perfect thanks to instant spell check and adjustment, but I do everything I can to keep my grammar on point. I’ve read numerous books about linguistic principles and theories, books on syntax and semantics, all in an attempt to become a better writer.

Without proper spelling and grammar, one might as well not even write a single sentence. I can see how people would think that relaxing the rules on spelling and grammar in social media posts would be ok, after all, we’re limited to a certain amount of characters. Couldn’t we just take it easy on the technical details, as long as people get what we’re saying, who cares? I cannot bring myself to loosen and/or abandon the rules of spelling and grammar. It’s important to be sharp so that you don’t look like a moron, to put it bluntly.

When you send an email to a friend, it‘s generally ok to relax the rules, no one else is going to see the email. Even further, some people might have certain abbreviations or sentence dynamics that only themselves and their friends would understand. But, if you’re sending an email to a professor or a potential employer, spelling and grammar better be as perfect as possible. One will not be taken seriously with an email full of slang, misspelled words, and overall poor grammar. You might as well forget about getting that job or any respect from a professor. Instead of wondering when to use proper spelling and grammar, just use it all the time, it’s as simple as that.