• Casey Roberts

Influencers-Social Media and Covid-19

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

I generally avoid or ignore the typical influencers on social media. Partly because I don't often care about the influencers' cause, and partly because I don't respect the people themselves. Some people may not believe me that I ignore such popular aspects of society while still participating in multiple social media platforms, but it is the truth. The people I really admire and who have influenced me don't really have a presence on social media. Some fans may post quotes and stories of these people, but not often and not many.

In today's digital society, fame is the main objective of many prolific participants. And greed has unfortunately led to some drastic attempts and measures towards achieving that goal. I'm getting deja vu now because I have written about this so many times. I want exposure, but not fame. I want just enough exposure from just the right people in order to achieve my goals, which will be behind the scenes of the attention grabbers. I don't want a pedestal, I want a a comfy desk chair that I can swivel while behind my keyboard.


During this Covid-19 pandemic, which is only just beginning, social media plays its most important role in our lives to date. Social media used to be more along the lines of a fun activity, but now it is transforming into something that might be a necessity. Because we are supposed to stay away from each other, social media is on its way to becoming our key mode of communication. I've already seen some rough numbers that show social media and mobile device usage has skyrocketed over the past month. Technology and its offshoots are becoming even more integrated into our lives, more important, which will lead to faster and further reaching development.

I have long been a supporter of advanced AI initiatives, and I'm especially intrigued by Sophia the robot. She is the most advanced AI robot in the world, and she was given citizenship by Saudi Arabia. Google has also become a leader in AI integration with its Google Duplex experiment. AI and social media are going to converge and largely replace human to human interaction. This is not a scenario that is "far fetched" anymore, it very well may be the way our society can advance. I am not opposed to this future at all. It will drastically change how we live, almost completely, but it may also be the best way to move forward given our situation. We must do what we can to progress, and we have the ability to do that via social networks and technology.