• Casey Roberts

Donald Trump is Killing Us On Purpose!

So, Trump is killing us on purpose now. It's not a matter of neglect or incompetence anymore. From reports by the Washington Post and corroborated by the New York Times, he is requiring all data from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) be rerouted through the White House before it reaches the public. The White House says it is so that the data can be checked to make sure it's accurate, but that is not the reason. Because of Trump's obvious disdain for Covid data, he is trying to control what people see. We may not see anything at all.

If that doesn't work for him, he's come up with another plan. Now he is withholding funding to the CDC for testing, tracing, and vaccine research. He is cutting funding to the people who will help stop and slow this virus. Let me say that again, HE IS CUTTING FUNDING TO THE PEOPLE WHO WILL HELP STOP AND SLOW THIS VIRUS. He is keeping money away from people who need it to further discover and manufacture a vaccine and who can put a plan in place to slow the virus in the mean time. Cases are going up all over the country, IT IS GETTING WORSE, and Trump is purposely doing what he can to keep it that way. Donald Trump is killing us on purpose. He is not a president, he is a con man who has conned his way into the White House and is running it down like everything else he touches.

Do you people understand what is happening? These reports are the most important pieces of information in the country right now. Donald Trump is taking steps to kill us on purpose. He's not just talking about the "fake media" and how good testing is and how good he has done, which is crap to begin with, but he is now taking action to keep us sick and dying. Not only will people continue to get sick and die, we're not going to know about most or any of it because he is keeping the data away from the public.

Why would he be doing this? For one, he is a sociopath, who learned cruelty from his father and a life of never being held accountable. Second, he wants to be re elected. If people don't see case data, they'll think he was right and the virus is going away "magically." Yes, people are that gullible. This is the kind of trickery and misdirection that got him elected in 2016, and he's betting it will work again in 2020. Donald Trump is killing us on purpose.