• Casey Roberts

Building a Brand

I have a brand already, kind of. I use the logo from the front of my book (as seen above) as my brand, or sometimes my avatar, which is spread throughout all of my social media. There is one major problem with the brand, not enough people know what it is or who it belongs to. I do have the logo on my book copy written, which gives me the freedom to use it at my own discretion. Exposure is what I’m lacking the most.

I’ll most likely enter the media realm of Communication, some of which will probably include social media skills, but my brand isn’t for the purposes of a career in media; instead, my brand is tied to my books, past, present, and future. Once I am in the position to be offered a paid contract for a manuscript, I will probably leave media. I‘m going to write more books, many, I have a lot of material already, enough for four books at least, and working for someone else interferes with that goal. For people like me, “making it” means getting paid to write whatever you want. If you have complete freedom and are being paid to write a manuscript, you’ve made it. Over time, I have learned that the only way to start that process is to get a literary agent.

It’s difficult to be taken on as a client by an agent, especially when you write nonfiction and are not already well known, like me. More people are likely to read a story by an unknown author than they are a book about the multiverse and its relationship to Deism. Unfortunately for my brand, I am planning on a book about that very thing, how the science behind the multiverse theory can disprove the existence of a creator. When I send an agency a letter explaining that idea, I get roughly the same response, “Currently, we have no place for that kind of book, we wish you success in the future.” A very polite yet blunt way to say “no.” You might be thinking to yourself, “Why not write books that agencies want?” That’s like asking, “Why not become a different person just so you can please someone else?”

Perhaps the most frustrating part is that I know what to do and how to do it, but I keep hitting a brick wall. So the plan now is to position myself in a place of exposure in order to have the right kind credentials that attract agents and publishers. My current strategy summed up: Get the degree, move to a robust media market area, establish myself, get and agent and publisher, and do what I know, write.