• Casey Roberts

Admiration and Social Media

All of the people I admire are intellectuals, and they generally don’t have a strong social media presence. Admiration is like trust, it is earned, and it takes time. I admire Noam Chomsky, we’ve had some very interesting discussions over the past fifteen years. I admire(d) Christopher Hitchens. If Chomsky was the greatest intellectual of the modern era, Hitchens was certainly its greatest thinker.

Trump is someone who has a large and loud social media presence. Even though I hate what he does on social media, he has a lot of people who “drink the kool-aid” in support of him. This is extremely important to him because he must make ridiculous claims over and over for them to be taken seriously. Say something enough times and it starts to become the truth, is really his entire strategy on Twitter. He’s a propagandist who is an expert of deception and ignorant of anything else.

I wish I knew what to do with my social media to make a better impact because I would do it. For now I guess I have to keep plugging along and hope to get lucky. If I mess up, I won’t have to do anything, no one will see the mistake. That’s a bit of a joke, but it is grounded in truth. Is it a mistake if no one else knows about it?