• Casey Roberts

About Me: Just a Glimpse

I am deeply interested in questions with no answers, and a fan of tense conversations in unusual settings.

I'm taking classes at UofL after a long absence from the academic world. I attended KSU (Kentucky State University) directly out of my college prep high school. After a certain amount of time I felt burned out and financially strapped-I already owed a lot in federal student loans. I decided to leave the university, for what I thought would be no more than a year, so that I could pay down some of my loans by working full time.

After that first year I figured I could keep working to save up even more money and go back any time I wanted. Thirteen years later, here I am. If anyone reading this is considering taking time off or dropping out, don't do it. You will be glad that you stuck it out in the end. Finally back on the right path, I will have my Communication degree.

My time off was not entirely a waste, I published two books, and had many on and off freelance gigs. My first book, "Controversy," was fairly juvenile, I was ranting about all the wrongs I saw in society. My second book, "Critical Thinking: The Use of Reason and Rationality," was much more measured and focused. To me, both now seem so simplistic, I have advanced far beyond them. Orwell said, and I'm paraphrasing, once a writer has become comfortable with one style of writing, they have already outgrown it. As a writer, if you ever feel satisfied with your work, it's over.

Some personal details about myself are that I'm a realist, literalist, atheist, reasoner, and maintain strong adherence to the Socratic method of thinking. I used to be a political science major, but after years of studying politics in a university and doing my own research, I decided that politics is simultaneously depressing and the answers were all the same. In politics it's all about money, follow the money and it's easy. So, I guess that's it for now.