• Casey Roberts

Taking Digital Advantage, So What?!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Does any of this matter in terms of our being able to do anything about it? Facebook and YouTube are public, open platforms, with very little regulation. The appeal of these platforms is partly due to their freedom. People expect to be able to say what they want, how they want, whenever they want on social media/video platforms. If more regulation is enforced, the less likely people are to trust these outlets; therefore, the regulators have to walk a fine line between keeping a civil platform while still offering freedom. Can we do anything to change how social media works? It is very unlikely we are going to be the spark of change, should there need to be any.

Trump is not only going to speak his mind, which most often chaotic, retaliatory, and narcissistic, but he is also going to endorse radicals who say what he really thinks in private. Trump is not above saying just the right thing to achieve just the right result, he is a con man at heart, but he has the luxury of not needing to assert the most ridiculous claims himself. His devoted base will be insane for him, all he needs to do is watch it happen. Trump is able to slip bye not saying certain things, yet spreading the idea which was posted by a devotee, with only the press of the “Share” icon.

The Trump video, if I can get technical, literal, and factual, is an example of free speech. Far more graphic films have been made about murder, and they are embraced as cinematic art. A YouTube video may not be art, but it is undoubtedly free speech. I disagree with the message, but I will proudly stand for the person or groups right to publish it. Free speech is most important when something is offensive to one’s own sensibilities.

Facebook may indeed be censoring and hindering conservative groups from posting their message, it would not be surprising. So what?! If this is the case, should those groups fight Facebook or just simply abandon the platform? They are not being forced to remain on Facebook, they can leave at any time. This is about nothing more than the equivalent of a child getting their feelings hurt. Have a problem with Facebook?...just leave. The panic over Facebook just proves further that a very large group of U.S. citizens, nearly the majority, are dumb and ignorant. People who look to Facebook as a serious source of news and information fit into those two groups. A person must be dumb and/or ignorant to believe outright anything they see as possibly true or makes some sense from a social media platform. Going to Facebook for facts is like going to McDonald’s for steak.

As far as Uber is concerned, I knew they were crooked and untrustworthy when I discovered that they take a percentage of drivers’ tips. Instead of making the fare cost and tip separate transactions, Uber puts them together and takes a percentage off the top of the total. Services such as Lyft do not combine the fare and tip, and drivers get 100% of their tips. So, next time you need a ride, call for a Lyft.

We are at a point in society where social platforms are still free and open, but with ever growing in breadth and depth regulations. Fighting these platforms is a waste of time, none of them force you to use them. If you don’t like them, leave, or else conduct yourself according to the rules of that individual platform. The ability to use them relies on your ability to stay within the rules.