• Casey Roberts

Best Pens for Writers

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The Zebra G-301 gel and the Pentel EnerGel are pens every writer should own. The G-301 has a very smooth, dark ink, and will write on most types of paper, unlike other gel pens that streak. The only negative aspects of the G-301 are the time the ink takes to dry, and the small barrel, which makes writing for extended periods of time uncomfortable. Also, the ink cartridge is very small and runs out fairly quickly, a drawback, but the quality of the ink is ever present.

The EnerGel pen is much more comfortable in the hand, the tip glides over the paper, and the ink dries much faster than any other gel pen I’ve tried. The rubber grip is the perfect texture and in the perfect spot to make writing easy while keeping the pen from turning in your hand. The ink cartridge in this pen is very large, perhaps triple that of the G-301, and obviously doesn’t run out nearly as fast.

I recommend both pens-the G-301 for dependability and style, and the EnerGel for functionality and comfortable design. You can’t go wrong either way, it’s just a matter of what works best for you.