• Casey Roberts

The Natural World and Science: The Reality of Randomness and Human Fragility

It doesn't matter what you hope to be true, the actual truth is what matters overall.  If you hope to survive your death and have eternal life, it does nothing to influence the truth of the unlikelihood of the wish.  Do you think you have a soul or spirit?  Just because you think so doesn't make it true, it means that your brain has the capability to entertain the thought, but the evidence for these is non existent.  You think you have a soul because you want to have one, you want to think that humans are more than their physical parts.  The needle that bursts your ego bubble is that we are all just biological organisms, we will rot and decay upon death, and that fact is difficult for many to accept.  The denial of the obvious temporary nature of the human life is the most foundational function of the human ego.  

Emancipating yourself from thinking of ourselves beyond what is evidentiary is the first step towards true intelligent, free, and effective thought.  Cleaning your brain of the fog of mystical ideas and superstitions will liberate your mind, allowing you to ponder real, provable, and testable ideas in the only world that exists, the natural world.