• Casey Roberts

Ahh, Mondays

Monday is the day everyone loves to hate. There is no need to describe why we hate this day, there are several reasons, and we all share some of them. The best Mondays are when you wake up still tired, with a headache, and missing the person you love the most. Sense the sarcasm? We drag through the day, wishing it will soon end, but it always feels like the longest day of the week. Friday is in the running for the longest day as well. There are neurological, neurophysiological, and psychiatric reasons why we despise this day, but to put it simply and plainly, it's because it sucks. We didn't want our weekend or vacation to end, and Monday throws us back into the struggle of the everyday life from which we long to escape. As difficult as this day is, one usually feels a sense of relief once it has come to an end, but sadly not enough so that it overcomes the pain of enduring it in the first place.

I hope everyone who reads this is able to survive their Monday grind mostly unscathed, and will sleep better than you did Sunday night (because of the dread of Monday morning). Even though another Monday is coming right behind this one, at least we can all have a week's respite.