• Casey Roberts

How to REALLY Sell Books

It’s simple, have credentials for something else, then write a book. Trying to become well known for writing books by beginning with books will likely get you nowhere. See, the people who sell the most books are those who have established themselves in something else. If a high level politician writes a book, people flock to it and buy it immediately, and thousands pre order it. But if you start by writing a book and hope you sell a lot of copies just because you think it’s a good book, your chances of substantial success are minimal. There is that small percentage of people who are “found” coming out of nowhere with a bestseller, but that is probably about one percent of the time.

You can market you book all you want, spending thousands of dollars on marketing agents for short term campaigns, and it will still not sell enough copies to please you. No matter how bad you want it, how good you think the book is, how hard you work to promote it, you cannot sell a large amount of copies just for being you. I’m a writer, and I see promotions for other people’s books all the time, and I treat them like wallpaper. I don’t even look long enough to get the details. I never plan on buying it, and forget about it almost as soon as I’m done reading the ad. That is what happens to your hundreds of dollars spent on book promotion, it’s spent on something of which no attention is paid. Around four thousand books are published every few weeks (in the U.S.) and your solo project is a needle in a stack of needles. Being discovered isn’t just good luck, it is like the lottery in that there is an astronomically low chance of winning.

Try if you must, but expect unsatisfactory results.