• Casey Roberts

What Is Most Popular on Facebook?

Facebook is promoted as a place for friends to talk, or to catch up with friends that you have been out of touch with for a substantial period of time. It still is that, but it is not the main attraction on Facebook. What people seem to want are funny posts, animals doing weird things is huge, along with a collage of random slapstick comedy that doesn't need to make any sense. Trends are obviously big topics, shared and liked over and over for about two to three weeks, then gone and mostly forgotten. Short term, quick snapshots of life are taking over the more "social" part of this social network.

People generally don't care about anything you have to say unless you're famous, know well the people who are talking, and forwarding new trends with a small comment posted. Most people seem to be more interested in strangers' lives than people they know on some level. Posts that are original usually get pushed aside for a video of cats getting scared that has been shared all over the network. The people I'm talking about are the majority, who would likely say, "My friend is starting a new job that pays more, that's good for them, but I'd rather focus on the guy who falls into a creek while trying to jump over it."

And, forget about trying to promote something, that gets you nowhere, unless you're already famous, of course. Your true friends will look, but it is largely completely ignored by the rest. Facebook is losing favor with me on a daily basis, in the way I use it, for support, it has become nearly worthless, almost a waste of time. I want to see what my TRUE friends are posting, but I'm generally starting to ignore the rest, just returning the favor. Facebook, you get what you give, and it's not much.