• Casey Roberts

Apple Makes My Life Easier

From the phone to the laptop, Apple has made my life easier. I do self marketing and promotion of my books, it’s cheaper than using an agency, but so much work, frustrating, and with few avenues available. I don’t think most writers enjoy doing their own marketing and wish a proffessional in that field would take on the responsibility. I don’t like the business end of publishing at all. But if it must be done, using Apple products will make it go as smoothly and efficiently as it can. Files are easier to share, the social media networking is nearly perfect, they’re fast and dependable, and doing mulitple things at the same time (which is a must) is made very simple. I have sworn off PC forever, too many mess ups, too slow, and less reliable.

The word processer on my laptop is much better than PC. It has better options and no garbage to get in the way of what you’re trying to do. The templates available are very convenient, it’s a major time saver, and they have something for anything you could think to create. I highly recommend these tools to do your writing and marketing, they’re perfect for it.