• Casey Roberts

What Motivates Climate Change Deniers?

There are two main reasons why people deny human induced climate change, and a small, sad minority third reason. To start, we have to know who is talking about climate change the most-scientists, politicians, and the media. They are the big three of climate change debate. The word "debate" in this case shouldn't even have to be used because it's a fact, it's data, we are heating up the earth causing climate instability. It is also equally a fact that gravity keeps us on the ground. There should be no debate, but there is, sadly.

The media is largely a puppet in this case, leaning to the side of whatever party platform they agree with, but some do look at the science first. Leaving aside those who waver from left to right depending on how the wind blows, the media that looks at the science first are beside themselves with confusion as to how anyone could deny human induced climate change. They see it as obvious, and it is, statistics don't lie, yet a large part of the country refuses to accept the science. The reporters and journalists think that deniers are either delusional, or crazy. It is surprising to me that the issue has not been solved already, the evidence is slapping them in the face. So, what's going on here?

Politicians deny human induced climate change for the same reason they want insurance companies to handle and manage all insurance, money. They are in the pockets of dirty industry corporations because those companies contributed to the politician's campaign, it's very simple. Large polluting corporations have a lot of money, because we pollute a lot, obviously, and they are eager to pay for a politician's friendship. The politicians deny this accusation because they are being paid to do so. When you are asking questions about government in this country, the answer is always simple...follow the money. I would say that 99% of politicians do it for money, but there is that one percent who are just ignorant.

The science is very clear-releasing pollutants into the atmosphere adds heat to the earth. The ice melts and oceans begin to rise and flood the land. What it also does is thicken the atmosphere in such way that heat from the sun can't escape the earth at a pace that keeps us comfortable; rather, the heat begins to accumulate as it struggles to dissipate. There are many other variables that work into climate change, excess tornados, abnormal weather patterns, on and on. And we just increase the problem every second of every day.

The third reason for denial I mentioned as being rather sad, is that some religious people think god created the earth and will take care of it, and what's going on must be part of some plan we cannot understand. That is a white noise argument, it sounds like nothing, and has no bearing on what's happening in reality. Those people have every right to hold that belief in their heads, but they should stand off to the side because there is no real world application of those beliefs.

The climate is being abused, there is no doubt about that, and it looks as if there will be no significant change any time soon. We can look optimistically at the fact that electric cars are becoming more popular, wind and solar power can run our cities and towns, and dirty industry is under attack.