• Casey Roberts

Evidence is Poison for Religion

If evidence seems untrustworthy to you, then truth is going to escape your grasp. It is apparent that most religious people trust evidence that supports their already held beliefs, whereas honest people will instead use evidence as a tool of understanding. If evidence shows us (people looking for actual truth) that we are wrong, we will abandon our original position so as to let the evidence show us what is true and what is not. Cherrypicking (choosing what you want and discarding the rest as a means of self reinforcement) is never the way to discover truth.

Does evidence apply to certain things and not others? According to mainstream Christianity it does. Evidence is relative for them, it’s not always necessary, unless it goes towards proving them right.

Our universe had a beginning, there is evidence of it, and the religious will latch on to that as a way of validating Genesis; however, the evidence also shows that the universe didn’t require god to create it, so that aspect of scientific discovery is ignored. Why would the religious do this, blatantly ignoring what is directly in front of them? They have come to the conclusion that anything which disagrees with their faith is fundamentally wrong, and because of that twisted reasoning, it is nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. There are issues of psychology involved here as well.

It is rather annoying, with shades of sadness, to see religious people distort and/or ignore facts so that they may continue on their path of faith. If you start talking to them about an issue they see as an opposition to their religion, like a child, they will close their eyes and ears to avoid experiencing it in any way. For fundamentalist people of faith, ignorance is bliss. Christianity does call for people to approach the teachings of their “savior” with the simplicity of a child’s mind, and that’s exactly what it takes to believe in such nonsense, the irrational and unsophisticated minds of children. The children cannot be blamed for their lack of reason, it hasn’t fully developed for them yet, but for a grown adult to still exercise juvenile thinking is a disgusting display.