• Casey Roberts

Hardcopy vs Digital: What Writers Prefer

In the publishing industry these days, selling digital copies of your work is more profitable than selling hardcopies. Why is that? It is this way because book distributors don't want to manufacture hardcopies anymore, people read more books using iBooks, or Kindle, or Google Play...and the distributors will tax hardcopies almost double what they tax on digital.

Hardcopies are nice to have, it feels good to hold, but you are losing money by pushing them as your main source of profit. Almost every publishing house these days pushes digital because they don't want to pay the heavy taxes and want to make as much as they can through sales. If you are with a publisher who only deals with hardcopies, leave that publisher.

Digital copies are not only more profitable, but they are more convenient for the buyer. Most people who shop for digital books already have accounts with the engine they use, iBooks, Fire, and so on, and it makes their purchase two to three clicks away. It is not likely someone will go out to, or search, a bookstore to buy your book. Some people do, but not many. Put your trust in digital, it'll pay off.